Our Values

Enjoy walks with your furry best friend!

Receive endless love and Give back

Repay the unconditional love with Petoro. We donate a portion of all profits to animal shelters and rescue centers. Saving more homeless puppies, that's Petoro's ultimate goal. Together, we can help our furry friends across the country find their second chance. Support our mission at Petoro.

Dog Friendly, Earth Friendly

PETORO strives to create a better environment for pet owners and their pets by using plant based materials that are less harmful to the earth. Our plant-based bags are compostable and we use recycled cardboard cores and packaging to keep it eco-friendly from start to finish. They break down in just 90 days. We don't use any harmful chemicals on our products. Protect your pet and your earth by accompanying Petoro.

Who We Are

We all love animals, especially dogs!
And we are trying to make high-quality products and give joy to our customers.


Online Retailers

Online Retailers

Rescue Centers

SURE, our compostable waste bags meet the ASTM D6400, D6866, OK Compost and EN13432

PETORO waste bags are mad by PLA+PBAT+Cornstarch and breaks down in 90 days

33% Thicker than other brands 20 micron thick (0.8 mil)

YES! If our 60 count isn’t enough, we’ve got options. You can find 90 bags & 180 bags options on amazon!

The bag's size is 13.4x7 inches and Gusseted sides expand to bags 13.4x11 inches. Each roll fits standard-size leash dispensers. Large capacity and durable enough for small pups, larger dogs, cat litter, and wet weather.

Meet Our Customer Service Team

Contact us about any question you have, We're here to listen!
Especially about your dog :)

Our customer service team is available
from Monday to Friday 8am - 3pm (CST)

PHONE: 1-773-993-1765

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