How to Train Your Dog Not to Excite by Looking at the Harness Before a Walk

How to Train Your Dog Not to Excite
by Looking at the Harness Before a Walk

Does your dog get excited when he sees a leash?
Usually, in these cases, the dog's leash is positively associated with a pleasant and exciting walk. The goal then becomes a conditioned stimulus, which evokes a conditioned emotional response in the dog. This conditioned response can consist of excitement, tail wagging, wiggling, and jumping.

At this time, there are many dog parents who try to calm the dog's excitement by scolding it, but this method creates a problem that negatively associates the behavior of going outside.
Instead of scolding a dog who gets excited by looking at the leash before a walk, you can train it in the following way.

1. Remove the Leash
- Only use the leash when the puppy is sitting calmly. If the puppy stands up, it turns and leaves. This is to let your dog know that if he gets excited, he can't leash it or go for a walk.
- Then come back after a while and try to put on the leash again. If you move again, avoid the seat again. At some point, the puppy will get tired and grasp the meaning of the caregiver's actions.

You should let your dog know that he can only open the door and leave the house when he is calm.

2. Make the harness lose its symbol

Carry a leash around the house meaninglessly. When you go to the refrigerator to get a drink, while watching TV, keep lifting the leash and putting it down. At first, the puppy will be excited and run towards you. However, if this process is repeated over and over again, the dog's excitement will gradually subside.

In these ways, you will be able to calm your excited puppy and go for a calm walk with him. Click the button above to purchase the harness you need most when going out for a walk!

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